100 things I want to do before I die

1. Meet Tim Burton
2. Meet Henry Selick
3. Write a feature length screenplay
4. Visit universal studios in America
5. Write a novel
6. Work with one of my heroes
7. Own a popular YouTube channel
8. Write 100 blog posts
9. Get married
10. Move to a place of my own
11. Write a song
12. Create my own TV show
13. Have children
14. Learn how to play guitar
15. Watch every Alfred Hitchcock film
16. Own a shop
17. Work on a feature film
18. Read Peter Pan
19. Become a TV or film producer
20. Visit California
21. Have flight of the Conchords write a song about me
22. Visit Hobbiton
23. Meet Peter Jackson
24. Attend a comic con
25. Cosplay as staring girl
26. Meet Neil Gaiman
27. Write with Neil Gaiman
28. Interview various celebrities
29. Become a journalist
30. Befriend Jennifer Lawrence
31. Own a black cat
32. Own a pug
33. Get down to a size 12
34. Own all of Tim Burtons collectable dolls
35. Be recognised in the street by someone I’ve never met
36. Learn Spanish, German, French and Italian
37. ride in a limo
38. Watch all Dracula films ever made
39. Complete a university course
40. Become a presenter
41. Visit where Anne Frank stayed during WW2
42. Open “Aberdeen Dungeons” the equivalent to “Edinburgh Dungeons” and “London Dungeons”
43. Buy a new laptop
44. Teach myself to draw better
45. Read everything Shakespeare ever wrote
46. Watch breaking bad
47. travel by plane
48. Win a large amount of money from the lottery
49. Make a film using only stop motion animation
50. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
51. attend a wedding
52. Get my hair professionally styled
53. Go on holiday with my boyfriend
55. Be taught by Henry Selick
56. Have a photo published in a magazine
57. Paint my bedroom black and paint stars on the roof
58. Visit a planetarium
59. Write a children’s book
60. Overcome my fear of heights
61. Write an episode of doctor who
62. Be interviewed for a magazine
63. Hold a baby turtle
64. Write a screenplay with mark gatiss
65. Write a screenplay with Kevin smith
66. Go for a ride in the TARDIS
67. Make a music video
68. Write a screenplay for flight of the Conchords
69. Write for the Simpsons
70. Attend the BAFTAS
71. Attend the oscars
72. Send a film to a film festival
73. Have a page on IMDb
74. give money to a project on kickstarter
75. Work for Disney
76. Live in America
77. Attend a play on broadway
78. Become friends with Rupert Grint
79. See my mum get married
80. Become a regular writer for a magazine or newspaper
81. Pitch an idea to industry professionals
82. Fly in a helicopter
83. Design my own shows
84. Form a band
85. Buy a Volkswagen campervan
86. Read the dictionary from beginning to end
87. Read all of Neil Gaimans work
88. Read the bible
89. Watch every Frankenstein film
90. Meet Freddie Highmore
91. Overcome my fear of needles
92. Own a snake
93. Work with Tim Burton
94. Work with Henry Selick
95. Own a pot bellied pig
96. Work on a graphic novel
97. Work with Del Torro
98. Visit Australia
99. Meet will.i.am
100. Overcome my fear of cats


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  • Wow thats a fair list, will take you to amsterdam and anne franks housexx cant promise you will ever see me marry though x