Music reviews: Peatbog Faeries and Hedningarna

For Christmas my mum got tickets to see a band called “Peatbog Faeries” who followed a band called “Hedningarna” on the stage. At first both mum and I we’re apprehensive about attending this event due to never hearing of the band, but we went anyway. The Peatbog Faeries are a Celtic fusion band who are largely instrumental based.
Not only were we happy surprised but we found ourselves up dancing and twirling on the dance floor to their music.
Hedningarna had the stage first and they got the audience all warmed up for Peatbog Faeries. Hedningarna Are a Swedish band who play folk music that mixes electronics and rock with elements from old Scandinavian folk music. Not only did the have the coolest instruments I have ever seen but they could play them incredibly well, one of the members of the band actually invented some of the instruments and they sounded incredible. Normally I find music to sound very similar to other bands, but I can honestly say that they were the most original band I have ever had the experience of seeing live. An incredible performance by all involved.
When the peatbog Faeries took to the stage there was an uproar of cheers from the crowd and that was an understatement of how I felt about the band by the end of the night. From the first note they played I was in a trance, they were absolutely incredible. By the second song there was a huge group of people on the dance floor grooving away to the music in their own little worlds which was so lovely to see in Aberdeen.
The mix of the bagpipes and the violin was so satisfying to the ear and I just can’t get enough of it. Dare I mention the mad skills that the violin player had? It was entrancing to watch him in the zone. He was the best violinist I have ever seen play.
Putting that aside the best thing about the night was the atmosphere the band created. As they looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage we had the time of our lives in the audience there was even one point where everyone was jumping on the dance floor and the speakers were literally moving back and fourth with the banging. The Peatbog Fearies really know how to put on an amazing show.
Speaking of dancing there were some characters tonight. There was a man wearing a kilt who was throwing himself over the floor all night with little coordination, there was lots of men “dad dancing” and many women shaking their bodies to the rhythm. The woman on front of me spent the whole night head banging and generally rocking out. It was so much fun and if they come back to Aberdeen I will be first in line to see them.
The person in charge of the lighting should also get a mention there was a great mix of fun colours and movement that really captured my attention and must have been hard to set up.
All in all is was a great night that had me dancing and grooving to awesome music, a night I will never forget with great music and company.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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