Questions: what is your personal definition of happiness?

A brilliant and positive question.
The literal definition of happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being characterised by pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. However happiness will be expressed differently from each individual, for example when I am happy I out on a silly grin and express to everyone how incredibly happy I feel but for others it might just be the case of showing your friends you are happy but leaving strangers out of the experience.
Expressing happiness is not the only contributing factor though. You need to really feel it as well. Personally I think that expressing your happiness to your family and friends is pointless unless you feel truly happy Inside and out. I know a lot of people who pretend they are happy so people won’t be worried about them which I think is pointless, if no one knows you’re unhappy then how is it ever going to change?
I read an interesting theory recently about being able to choose happiness and, as controversial as my opinion is, I do believe happiness can be a choice for some people. I understand that some people suffer from depression and that is a tricky thing to get out of, but with a lot of hard work you can choose to make yourself happy again. The trick is to pin point what is making you feel that way and eliminate anything that is having a negative impact on your mood. In my last three years of school I suffered from depression and thought I would never feel happy again, but all it took was leaving a year early to go to college to change my life for the better. I eliminated the two things in my life that we’re bringing me down, school and bullies and I have honestly never been more content in life after doing so.
The main advice I can give to keeping yourself happy is to add a little play to your day. After a hard day at school, work, college, or university take an hour out. Watch TV, hang out with friends, play games and relax before diving back in to anything too heavy, if you have no time to relax you will become gradually unhappy.
The things that make people happy differs for everyone. I know someone who finds happiness by walking their dog every day, that alone time is crucial for then to feel truly happy. Even the little things can cheer people up, I always make sure to keep a smile on my face when walking through a busy street in the hopes that it brightens someone’s day. I read a story recently about a little girl who bought roses and handed them to people who she thought needed cheering up. This story touched me because there is someone out their actively trying to make people feel happy. The truth is there is not one thing that will make everyone in the world happy we just have to hold on to our own personal habits, treats or friends that bring happiness in to our lives.
For me happiness is finding something in every aspect if your life that cheers you up. For example, if you hate your job bring something that will make you smile – I always bring the picture of me and my late great grandmother to college with me because I know that If I’m having a bad day it will cheer me up. I only keep the people around me that won’t make me feel a negative emotion because I want to be happy, I don’t want to inflict unhappiness on myself so why be friends with people who treat me like shit? Simple! Just don’t be friends with them, I have let to of many people I admired because they made me feel sad.
Happiness isn’t something that is easily defined because it is different for everyone, the best way to define happiness is to go out and find it yourself.
Do you have any little things that help bring your mood up? If so please leave your comments below or tell me on twitter (my twitter username is @jodieapaterson)

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