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Having been a huge fan of the black eyes peas I was also a fan of’s solo albums and #willpower is by far my favourite. Original it was due to release in 2011 but got postponed and was released in April of 2013. It was then rereleased on November 2013 featuring new songs.
This being Will’s fourth solo album we had an idea of what to expect from the rapper/produce, but what we got exceeded my expectations.
The album is full of an unusually satisfying mix of fun, passion and politics. It is obvious that this was one of’s dream projects featuring many collaborations with a great variation of music makers. Will is clearly a great music producer giving each song a personal touch but still keeping that generic chart topping quality to his songs.
Listening to the lyrics of some of the songs I get the feeling that this album was very personal to Will. He produced songs about the things he feels genuinely passionate about – technology, politics and enjoying life – the album even features a song discussing poverty and how it is stopping young people from dreaming about jobs that are considered respectable like teachers or politicians, also about how because they see all these people on TV that they may consider role models and want to be like but he says that is a negative thing.
He must be the only man who can rap about being a geek and make it genuinely cool. His song “geekin'” is my personal favourite from the album and I think it’s because I connect to it the most. The rest of the album is about politics, sex, image, clubbing and love but this song is about things I genuinely understand and do myself. In my opinion this is the most personal song on the album because he is basically saying “I am good at this, it is my area of expertise” with out actually using those words. Even though the song is mainly him bragging about his skills I can’t help but adore it, it’s very modern, up to the times and he have the right to brag as he is incredibly advanced in that area of expertise.
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