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Arguably the most meaningful and moving film Ben Stiller has ever made. Now if you know me in person I make it no secret that I am not a fan of Ben Stiller, there are a couple films of his I enjoy watching but I don’t normally go out of my way to watch a Stiller film. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was different, when I first saw the trailer I immediately felt the need to watch it. Unfortunately I managed to miss the period of time that the film was shown In the cinema due to work, so I waited until it was on sky box office.
The storyline of this film is the incredible journey that Walter Mitty goes on to get hold of a picture that is sent to life magazine for their last ever cover, but the film begins with a scene of Walter Mitty looking at profiles on the dating site, eharmony. He tries to “wink” at someone’s profile but it doesn’t work so he phones the company up to try and fix the problem and is told his profile is too dull to get women. Now the daydreaming begins – we see Walter imagining himself in heroic or exciting situations, little does he know that he is about to embark on many exciting situations in real life.
Photographer Sean o’connell (Sean Penn) who has been sending Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) photographs to put in life magazine for years sends a whole collection of them for the last ever cover, but says 25 is his best work. A slight problem problem occurs when Walter can’t find that one image. This leads to Walter trying to track down Sean O’Connell to get hold of the image. It turns out that Sean is up in the mountains trying to get a picture of a beautiful animal, but the important part if Walter Mitty’s adventure is the journey he take to find Sean. For the first time in his life Walter Mitty begins to live life the way his imagination wants him to, he ends up fighting sharks after jumping off a helicopter in to the ocean, nearly getting killed when a volcano erupts and even running for miles on end just to get this photograph – which is actually in his wallet the whole time. It turns out the photograph was actually of Walter Mitty as well.
I absolutely adore this film and can not recommend it more. Walter Mitty is one of the most relatable characters that has ever been taken to the big screen, the thing I can relate to Walter most about it the fact that he is good at his job but underrated which I think we all experience at one point in our lives. Also I do what he does when he zones out and imagines a different more exciting outcome to situations but keeping it cool and calm in real life, but what Walter manages to achieve is the sense of bringing his daydreams to life. He realises that he closing feel truly satisfied unless he puts his fears and worries aside to live life and in his plight to get this picture his life becomes exciting when he spontaneously jumps on a plane and makes the biggest decision of his life, nothing can stop him now.
Every actor in this film was incredible, at some points I forgot that Ben stiller was just playing a character. Ben stiller in particular proved himself as an actor who can do well in both funny and serious roles with his portrayal of Walter Mitty. He managed to capture the emotion of the character effectively with out going over board.
The cinematography was amazing, especially for a film where the director was also distracted by acting in it too. Every shot was well thought out, stunning and beautifully colourful. There wasn’t one moment where I thought that a shot looked bad or dull, obviously there was a fantastic colour corrected also due to every shot looking perfectly tweaked. I feel a little bad for doubting stiller as an actor/director.
Not only did the storyline, acting and technical side of this film impress me but I also came out of it with a new way of looking at life. If Walter Mitty could drop everything to chase something he feels passionate about then why can’t I? From now on I have to start chasing my dreams and stop holding back because of anxiety and fear.
What did you get out of the film?
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