Filming: The Book

For my college course I am required to complete a film to pass the course. This section of the course is called the creative project. We get to choose between making a short film or a documentary from scratch, and I chose to make a short film because I enjoy the creative aspect of writing.
The Book is about a girl who is sitting on a bench, reading a book when she begins to imagine what is happening in the book, which is what we are shown on the screen. The plot of the book is a love story that ends in disaster when a couple get together but start to argue really quickly, it gets so bad that the woman in the relationship hits her partner over the head with a book, leaving him unconscious on the ground.
I needed two filming dates for this, one indoors in the TV studio at the college and one outside at Union Terrace Gardens. We filmed in the studio first and it was a huge success, I got really great lighting directors who got my lighting just the way I needed it. To make a sofa I put three single chairs together and laid a sheet over it with pillows to make it look like a sofa and it was very effective. The main scene we had to film this day was the death scene I had a panning shot in mind that took me three takes to get right, but it was so worth it as it does look exactly the way I imagined it.
Our second day of filming lasted three hours at Union Terrace Gardens and once again it went really well. I was filming with my DSLR and got everything shot in good time. The main scene that had to be completed on this day was the one where the girl is reading the book on the bench, I got around five takes of this to make sure I covered everything.
Today concluded the filming part of this project and I can’t wait to take the footage to an edit station and get my film finished. I am currently working on opening credits to put on my film, and an happy to say I an well ahead of schedule for getting everything finished. Well done to everyone involved in filming The Book you all did a great job and I really appreciate the help.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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