Film Reviews: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

The funniest thing about this film is Steve Carrell. Anchorman was so popular that the cast members grew in popularity and we began to see them in more and more films meaning that we know their comedic timings perfectly therefore making Anchorman 2 as predictable as the cast of a Tim Burton film.
In the first film we followed the challenges Ron Burgundy faced as a news anchor forced to work alongside an anchorwoman who he ends up falling in love with. This second film shows that he has a child, and a marriage that gets broken after his wife takes a job that he wanted, after six months of the break up Ron Burgundy and his news team take a job at GNN a new 24 hours news channel.
The rest of the film shows Ron and his team make news exciting and gain a lot of fame and money from the success of their new fun way of hosting the news. The events that follow this were just too crazy to wrap my head around. First Ron becomes blind and moves to a lighthouse where him and Veronica (his wife) rekindle their love, then he is cured from blindness and takes his job as news anchor back only to give it away when his son has a piano recital.
Now once again there was a fight of all the news stations for no reason other than that fact that Ron Burgundy made someone change their name, a whole host of names arrive to be involved even Will Smith made an appearance and there is a crazy fight involving a ghost, werewolf, and a Minotaur that of course ends up with burgundy and his team winning.
This film was okay, even in its best moments I only managed a smile. I have a fear of overusing this term but this film truly was a “popcorn flick” and one of the biggest I’ve ever had the experience of watching, I am very happy I did not have to pay to see this film, it is not worth it. If you want to watch Anchorman 2 just watch the first one, it’s got all the same jokes.
The highlight of the film was Brick meeting a woman and falling in love, Brick still being the funniest character out of them all finally met a woman who was very much like him and it was only fate that they got married, the wedding being the most exciting part of the film, Ron Burgundy even gets saved by his dog Baxter again when he is attacked by a shark.
What was meant to be funny just came across as a tragic case of trying too hard to rekindle the love of the first Anchorman. The thing about trying to top a hilarious film with a second one is that is never works, look at The Hangover or American Pie both great, funny stand alone films who tried to outdo themselves with more films and failed in doing so. Comedy sequels of this scale do not work when the first film was so outrageously popular.
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