Film Reviews: The Princess and The Frog

I watched this film with low expectations. Everything I had heard from my friends was negative and they discouraged me from watching it. After watching it I felt like people were lying to me, I loved it. It wasn’t one of those films that shouted “LOVE ME!!!” Like most recent Disney films, instead it was the one that slowly whispered “your dreams can come true if you work hard enough”. I guess that was true for many people working on the film so it felt more genuine than most.
Oh my, what a twist! Instead of the prince being turned back into a human from a frog, Tiana is turned into a frog. Incredible use of imagination there, and what a brilliant storyline it became, two frogs on an adventure to gain back their human lives facing obstacles on their way.
The artwork amazed me, it was darker than the average Disney film Particularly in the scenes with Dr. Facilier which showed beautiful masks the whole film felt a bit more “Alladiny” that expected in an extremely positive sense, it felt like Disney managed to dig their way out of commercialism and find something more special.
Another thing that the film accomplished was real life problems, like poverty and deceit. Tiana comes from an incredibly poor background, and is taught how to work hard and eventually she got what she wanted – this is good because it can inspire children to work harder. Dr. Facilier can teach children not to trust everyone who talks to you in the street. The most important lesson, however, was friendship. When Charlotte (La Bouff) finds out that Tiana and Prince Naveen are in fact in love she makes the decision to let them be happier together, rather than doing what she wants and taking the prince for herself.
This shows an incredibly commited friendship and that Charlotte, despite being really rich, is not as greedy and selfish as we were lead to believe in the rest of the film. In fact the greedy character is Lawrence who wants everything Prince Naveen has, whether he is hurt or not.
There is also the unlikely friendship of two frogs, a crocodile and a fly. When Naveen and Tiana are both frogs they meet these characters who help them on their way to Mama Odie, it’s strange how the most unlikely of friendships are possibly the most faithful and loving.
Now Mama Odie was incredible, she taught us to think more about what we NEED and not what we WANT. It’s all very well for us to want a new toy or electronic gadget…but do we really need it? No. No we don’t…they are nice things to have but surely clothes, food and housing is more important? What a brilliant lesson for children once again.
The music, also, was noteworthy. A beautiful sound of jazz was continued throughout the film, and it worked so much better than I expected. My personal highlight was when Dr. Facilier sang “I’ve got friends on the other side” which was arguably too scary for children but had a Nightmare Before Christmassy feel to it.
Another great film from Disney showing great morals and showing children that you can make your dream come true by working hard. What did you think of the film?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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