TV Reviews: Sherlock Series 3 Episode 3 “His Last Vow”

After two disappointing episodes the popular London based show managed to redeem itself as one of the best shows the UK has ever produced with an exciting and heart wrenching episode.
So the episode starts and I feel like we are watching a completely different show, it felt like a clip from a Television show about courtrooms, but the episode picked up and the tie to Sherlock was revealed…The action didn’t stop from that moment on.
First of all we will address the fact that Sherlock is now a murderer, showing no guilt or remorse – High Functioning Sociopath, he says it himself, and they couldn’t have written it any more right – Of course Sherlock is going to KILL Charles Augustus Magnussen, or CAM as I will call him, he is the one man Sherlock Holmes really truly despises. He was written beautifully.
This series Sherlocks mind palace has been taken to a whole other level. Almost like he can’t escape it. Almost Like it’s the only way he is coping with anything and it is driving him mental, for CAM to use the same process was clearly infuriating to Sherlock. He doesn’t want to be associated with CAM in any way because he simply hates the man, which is natural. Studies have shown that we tend to hate the people who are similar to us in many ways.
John Watson is quite the Adventure seeker, without even realising it. Of course he would never marry a simple woman, we all knew Mary had a secret but were we expecting something so extreme? The answer is yes for me, I was expecting it, but I got more than I bargained for when Mary wasn’t even her name. Using a still born babies name was genius. It makes the character a lot more interesting as we know nothing of her life before being Mary Watson, Moffat is normally rubbish at writing female characters but I think he did a great job with Mary Watson.
Now the action. Sherlock was found in a local crack house, he got a girlfriend, briefly, and naturally manipulated her feelings to get what he wanted, got shot by Mary, went to his mind palace – a lot – where Moriarty was locked up, he drugged his family and Mary on Christmas Day, he shot CAM, said his final goodbye to John only to be brought back immediately to help with Moriarty.
OH YES. Moriarty is back, I guess and we finally got an insight to Sherlocks Childhood, where we actually saw Sherlock as a child, calling for his dog in his happy place, we see him differ from adult to child, we see Moriarty telling him off for being stupid, and really got a feel for what family life was like for him growing up which was exactly what the show needed, since we know little about his past I have found it difficult to connect to the character of Sherlock so far in this adaptation, but I guess that will change.
Finding himself overwhelmed and strange excited by situations once again John Watson is lost with out sherlock, is craving excitement, finds out his wife is not Mary Watson, and once again gets dragged into danger with Sherlock. John Watson is an adventure and excitement addict. Pretty obvious, don’t you think? But it did become more clear in this episode. He doesn’t attract the excitement and danger, it attracts him.
Everything about this episode was up to standard, the acting was as always incredible, the story was compelling and exciting, the cinematography blew my mind and I would go as far as saying it was the best ever episode of the British show.
This episode was the most compelling of all the episodes so far. Fantastic way to end the series. It really reminded me why the show is brilliant. Also we can all rejoice, our favourite villain is back, MORIARTY. Or is he?
What are your theories to how Moriarty is back?
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