Filming: Perfect Looking Glass Day one

Perfect Looking Glass is a short film written and now currently being directed by Daniel Conn and I have the pleasure of being a camera person on his shoots. The film is about a girl who feels pressure to fit in and be like handsome men or so called popular girls that we always see in the magazines and newspapers, and in the end she kills herself because she thinks she can never be like them.
I think it is such an important message because we all feel that social pressure from the media to look or act a certain way that we end up losing part of who we are. Sure it would be amazing to look like BeyoncĂ© or sofia vergara, but we wouldn’t be us and we are all beautiful and special in a different way, those differences are what makes us individual, unique and even helps you become identifiable to our peers. If we all looked, acted and dressed the same the world would be a boring place.
By far this film has been my favourite to work on so far, I think because it has such a bold statement of what the media does to us I feel somewhat connected to it. I have no doubt that this film will end up being really special in my heart once it is finished.
Today was our first day of filming and it went so well. We managed to find a really brilliant actress called Iona who really brings something special to the role of “Alice” who is the main character in the film. She really connects to this character on a personal level which is so important for a role with such extreme circumstances. Iona did so well today and really managed to entrance me with her acting ability.
There was beautiful red and yellow lighting used to set the scene, and it worked so well with the setting and themes of the film. Here is a picture of the lighting:

I got some really great production photos which really show off the amazing day we all had filming 🙂



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