Filming: Perfect Looking Glass Day Two

Today concluded the second day or out shoot for Perfect Looking Glass and it went even better than the first day. We got the most important scenes filmed and now have over an hours worth of footage to go through and cut down.

Being camera person I face the challenges of being really creative, inventive and experimental with my shots and the way I approach then which I think I managed to achieve really well. There was one shot that Daniel, the director, wanted that was a Dutch angle of flowers being placed on the ground so to get the Dutch angle I put a packet if tissues under one side of the camera which was lying on the floor and it worked so well. I feel really proud with that decision because I managed to get a shot using something other people might not think of.

The best thing about today was probably getting footage to put in my showreel and having fun with the shoot. Here are some production photos that sum up the day 🙂






As you can see the lighting that Daniel managed to achieve looked really nice, and worked really well in the scenes. Today went so much better than I could have imagined and we are getting through the scenes a lot quicker than expected.

You can find the post about Filming Day One here


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