Time Flies Quicker as You Get Older

You have probably heard of the popular expression “time flies when you’re having fun” which is true for me, but unfortunately it also flies in every other element of my life. On the bus today I had a discussion with my friend about how as we’ve grown older life seems to move along a lot faster.
Think back to your childhood, those precious years that seemed to last forever, the moments where you wished you could be an adult only to be disappointed with the outcome. Countless hours playing and not worrying about anything other than the fact you lost your toy.
When you are a child the world seems to move slower because you’re not worrying about things, there are no major stresses in your life. Your parents or guardians do everything for you and your food just magically lands on your plate. The years to cherish and the ones we often wish we could go back to. Now we have things to worry or think about, we have to think about where our next meal will come from, problems at work, college or university that you can’t stop thinking of and even just the stress of getting your bus.
I spend over nine hours a week just on buses, but it never feels like a long time. This is because I always have college, family or relationship stress hanging over me, or even just a really great idea for a blog post, short film or novel. An hour seems to feel shorter every year that I get older and that terrifies me, I started this academic year in September and am nearing the end of my time here but it honestly feels like I just started the year, this is scary because I am now facing assessments that I thought I had time to prepare for but I was very sadly mistaken.
The way I see it is, the human race can use time in two seperate ways. We can either never have enough time to get anything we want or need done, or don’t get anything done in the time we have free. During my term time I work really hard and get everything done with little time to spare for relaxing, but during the holidays I tend to slouch around my house for a week and do nothing.
Why is this? I have no idea, but it seems to be us as a race that do it not just me. A few of my college classmates experience the same and it’s difficult to understand why. I guess it’s the feeling of urgency during term time that motivates us to do work, but during the holidays we are away from college and lecturers so we relax and forget about work, Netflix goes on and we find ourselves at the end of the holidays with no work done but a whole TV series finished.
My new goal is to plan out my time better so I am not left in stressful situations that I can only blame myself for. Whether it is finding a new way to motivate myself during holidays or even just making sure I am up earlier, I will try to get work done. I am also planning to start logging my time in a spreadsheet so I can make more of an effort to do productive things on my days off.
If you could change anything about your time keeping, what would it be?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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