Business Cards

Since My Blog has grown in popularity and I wish to continue this progress I have made the decision to make personal business cards to hand out at networking events. Normally I keep business separate from my personal on-line accounts but since I am hoping that this blog will lead me on to bigger and better things I thought that I should be telling more people that it exists.

This is the back of my business cards:

business CARDS

I chose pink because I think it suits my personality and the black font the best. The picture of me is there so people can put a face to the name, so they can recognise me at a networking event or if they phone me to meet up.

The front of my business cards I have kept simple using just text saying “Jodie Paterson” or on some “Jodie Paterson, Blogger, Writer and Film Maker.” I chose to keep them simple because there is no point overcomplicating a blogging business card with pictures when I don’t have a logo.

The website I used was, and at the end of my order they gave me a link where YOU can get 10% off on your first order if you click on it, here it is:

Do you like my design?

As always comment below or reach me on Facebook or Twitter


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