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After putting it off for years I finally watched Tangled. Guess what? I loved it. It was probably one of the better Disney films of the past five years. It was unique for Disney in the sense that it managed to keep a subtle dark charm from the original brothers Grimm story.
Tangled is the story of Rapunzel, she gets taken from her parents as a baby by a woman and locked in a tower her whole life due to her hair having powers that the woman uses to stay young. As the woman doesn’t want to lose Rapunzel she never lets her go outside if the tower. One day Flynn (a.k.a. Eugene) a thief on the run finds himself in the tower, the rest of the film shows Rapunzel escaping the tower, falling in love with Flynn and meeting her real parents – the king and queen.
Everything about this film was great, from the storyline right down to the animation. This film really stepped up my opinion of modern Disney films because it was of such a high standard, it will be a challenge to live up to this adaptation of Rapunzel, however the thing that made this particular film stand out was the characters and here is why.
She was sweet, Naive and talented. A true Disney princess if ever I saw one. Now the thing that appealed the character to me was the fact that she had absolutely no idea she was the lost princess, she genuinely believed that her “mother” simply wanted to protect her from the world. I liked how her hair became a problem when she entered the world. It was realistic and the solution was perhaps not as realistic, but very Disney like. Over all I sympathised with the character and felt happy at the end when she was reunited with her parents. Disney did a great job with character development with this character.
A wonderful character, definitely my favourite – despite his burglary background – he is charming, cute, and caring…much to our surprise. When we first meet the witty charmer he is stealing the lost princess’s crown from the Royal Castle with a couple companions, how was he to know he’d soon be tied up in a chair in a tower, by the lost princess no less. Flynn is my favourite character because he manages to transform himself from a thug in to a prince throughout the film. I like how we get to see the journey he goes on while changing and the reasons he changes. A VERY likeable character and beautifully written.
Evil Woman/Rapunzel’s “Mother
Now this character is the perfect Disney villain. She has nothing other than the desire to be young and that makes her relatable. I tend to prefer the Disney villains that have nothing more than desire or arrogance – no special powers or money to help them along the way. Because this woman want to be young and live for ever more than anything in the world.she literally goes out of her way to get Rapunzel back which is a great plot filler, which was beautifully executed.
To conclude I think the plot was a clever way of making the original Brothers Grimm tale children friendly without it losing some of their dark charm. The animation was flawless, I sympathised with the characters and it was enjoyable to watch.
What did you think of the film?
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