First in line to watch Postman Pat: The Movie

Not only is the child in me excited at the thought of this film, but the adult in me is also ‘fan girling’ with anticipation of it.

Postman Pat wasn’t my favourite show as a child, but looking back as an adult it is one of the most clever and tolerable children’s shows out there. The thought of our favourite postie being a talented singer is a fairly dry concept, but add in a jealous neighbour seeking revenge and Pat bots who want to rule the world and we really have a film, we even get an evil looking Jess bot! This particular trailer gives off a Wallace and Gromity feel to it in the sense of adventure coming to a seemingly unknowing man and his pet.
Every type of animation fascinates me, the thought of bringing an inanimate object to life is incredible – even through a computer it must still be a challenge getting the characters to feel realistic and I feel that the look of Postman Pat is unique compared to all the other computer animated films that get produced for the big screen which is exactly the reason I am ‘fan girling’ at the thought of this film. Now although the TV show uses Stop-Motion animation the film uses computer generated animation, but somehow manages to keep the look and feel of the sets and characters authentic. Normally I hate it when people convert Stop-Motion in to Computer  Animation but even I have to admit the film from an animators perspective looks incredible.
What we have here is a film that will be entertaining for children and the adults bringing them to see it. From the looks of the advert we will have puns that children may not understand clearly put in just for the older generation and that is so important to me. The thing a lot of children’s shows forget is that adults have to watch the shows or films that their kids watch, and will begin to find them intolerable, don’t get me wrong there is the occasional kids show or film that adds in a bit of subtle adult humour but it isn’t as often as I’d like.
Another thing I am excited about is hearing voices from three of my favourite actors – Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent and David Tennant A.K.A. Ron Weasley, Barty Crouch Jr and Professor Horace Slughorn. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Rupert Grint, and he is definitely my favourite actor even just from his performances in Cherry Bomb and Wild Target alone, so I am extra excited to watch his most recent film project. Hearing The Doctors voice always puts me in a good mood, David Tennant as the jealous neighbour in this film will be fantastic and hopefully make up for whatever Fright Night was, not to mention the fact he is Scottish like me. Jim Broadbent is one of my hero’s. I have always dreamt of having really great comedic timing, and that is something Broadbent has always brought to the screen – but particularly in Only Fools and Horses when he played Roy Slater, I think he has a fantastic and somewhat theatrical voice and is perfect for voice acting.
Are you excited for the film?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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  • I love animated films but my Cinema Buddy refuses to see them, saying they’re for children. It’s amusing watching animated films from my youth like Little Mermaid and realising how many jokes go over childrens’ heads!

    • I know! I notice it a lot in Disney/Pixar films. When I was young One of my mums friends used to take me to see the animated films he wanted to so he wasn’t that guy who went to see a kids film as an adult