Priscilla Queen of the Desert stage show

So I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at HMT in Aberdeen a few months ago and it was phenomenal. I have never been to a show where I have felt more excited leaving than going in!
My Mum and I sat three rows from the which in my opinion is the perfect view because you aren’t so close that you can’t quite see peoples faces properly, but you’re close enough to the action to feel satisfied.
The Stage Musical is advertised as “The best feel good show since mamma mia” and I absolutely have to agree! There wasn’t a dull moment within all is the the singing, performances and dancing. I left the theatre with the biggest smile in my face. The show started with “It’s raining men” and ended with “Finally” and was perfect from start to finish.
If you have seen the film then definitely go see it on stage! It is so much better than I could have ever expected. The only problem I had with it was the people in the audience gasping at things that happened in it when it happened in the film (Like when Felicia does drugs and flirts with Bobs friends then gets beat up) I just felt like turning round and going “GO WATCH THE FILM THEN COME BACK.”
Also the actor who played Bob was a bit off too, his timing was all off and it seemed like he was there just to have fun…which I understand because it is probably the most fun stage show EVER, but I think a little acting should also be involved.
The best scene had to be the ping pong balls…anyone who knows the film knows what I’m talking about 😉 what they do in the stage show is they actually throw them out in to the audience and mum and I got one each.
Staging that show must be so much fun, the bus looked great with screens to change the colour to purple and sparkly pink walls. There was even a rack for all the clothes which was fitting.
Some of the costumes were outrageous but in a justified way, there was a lot of bum showing, however it fits in with the humour. The costume designer must have great fun choosing materials and colours for the costumes as everything is so happy and based around colour, and ironically they have more of a budget than the film had!
Film review to follow.
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