Filming: Perfect Looking Glass Day 3

Today we began filming day 3 of this production, and it is still going great! We got loads done today, we got through almost all of our actor’s scenes and should only have 2 or 3 more shooting dates.

The biggest challenge with this film has been the lighting and the set design, because Daniel, the director, has such a clear vision of what he wants, it is quite difficult to get it right. However we always manage to pull through in the end and get great lighting.
We were in the studio from 9-7 setting up, filming and clearing up. Let me tell you it is a tiring day, especially when I’m not used to being in warm, closed off rooms. Under the lights with no air conditioning it gets too hot and it always makes me feel dizzy due to migraines.
It was a successful day, we got over half an hours worth of footage and got almost everything we had planned to today, not to mention the lighting, set and camera work looked great.
Something that needs to be commended is the wonderful performances in this film. Our Actors and Actresses, Jenny, Grant and Iona are all doing a perfect job of bringing Daniel’s vision to life.
Tommorow we begin Day 4 of filming – update to come.
You can read about the other days here: Day 1 and Day 2
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