Filming: Perfect Looking Glass Day 4

Well, day four of shooting definitely went better than all the others. Even though it was a half day it still felt like a full days worth of filming, a very productive one at that.

We were filming a scene with a wheelchair and a mask, and it is honestly one of my favourite shoots I’ve ever experienced. Basically this woman, wearing all black, is in a wheelchair and is clearly completely crippled. She wear a mask with horrible things written on it, like loser, scum and other words I’d rather not publish here and she is trying to get out of the wheelchair but can’t.

If you have read day one of my diary from it you will know what the general outline of this film is but it not then please read day one (link is below). This woman in the wheelchair is Alice, the main character, my interpretation if the scene is that this is Alice viewing herself as crippled because she is crippled with negative thoughts about herself which are preventing her from being popular.

A very intense scene, but also very creative and inventive. My favourite part of today was using my foot to tilt the camera up for a low angle, it was on the spot thinking and it paid off well, it is definitely worth the bruise it left. We managed to get through every take really quickly and the day felt like it went by in seconds.

A great day and I look forward to the next


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