Music Reviews: Molotov Jukebox – Carnival Flower (album)

Molotov jukebox have by far been my favourite band for nearly a year now. They are a British band who play Gyp – step. (Click here for more details on Gyp-Step). Recently they put up a request on PledgeMusic asking for money so they could complete their new album, Carnival Flower, and they got a fantastic response.

The Album consists of 11 songs and I love them all. The bands sound is really unique and is something really special. Molotov Jukebox’s front singer is  Natalia Tena, the actress best know for her roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones and she brings something really amazing to the songs with her provocative and sultry vocals.
– Tread Softly
This song starts with a catchy beat that for some reason reminds of Hairspray then the accordion comes in and makes it 100 times better than before. One of the great things about Molotov Jukebox is that their style always brings a great big grin to my face because I love the sound of the accordion and believe it to be a really happy instrument and adds a great element to the music, and even if the lyrics aren’t happy I find myself getting up and dancing. This isn’t my favourite song on the album but it is definitely still a great listen. Original and easy to listen to.
– Don’t wanna know
I adore the acca pella start to this song, it works so well when the instruments begin to play. The Spanish language always sounds beautiful, but there is something about Natalia Tena’s voice in this song that brings something new to the language for me. She sounds so sexy in this song, sexy and feisty and it really shows a great side of the band. Once again I just want to get up and dance to this song, but it also has a sensitive topic.
– Neon Lights
Being the most generic song on the album, it still manages to be original and interesting. It sounds like you would hear it on Radio One but it is still Gyp-Step. A Brilliant song, I have been playing it non stop for days. 
– Can’t find you
The use of drums is great in this track, it is fast and fairly similar to neon lights but different enough to be original. This one is very fast paced and has the best use of “bananananana” I have ever heard. This is the catchiest song on the album and is definitely my favourite.
– Punchlines
Slightly slower song, but it really works if you listen to the lyrics. Definitely in my top 3 favourite songs on the album. It is the only song I don’t dance to, but it is great for helping me get to sleep. Once again Natalia’s voice sounds great.
– Housefire
Very good song. Love the use of male vocals in this one, it makes a lovely surprise since most of their songs are mainly focussed on Natalia’s vocals, the harmonies are amazing and the mans voice is great! I think Molotov Jukebox should make more songs like this.
– Sex Foot
Creepy is the best word to describe the beginning of this song, but it then turns in to a song that has me prancing around my living room like a fool. This song is very fast and I love that, How Natalia can sing that fast s beyond me. This song is also in my top 3.
– Nina
Another creepy start but it turns in to a beautiful melody before Natalia sings Spanish in that sexy voice of hers. Once again I find a new love for the Spanish Language. This song is also really slow, the melody sounds like something you’d find in a Spanish fantasy film.
– Tropical BadBoy
This song has a real fiesta vibe to it, very fun and fast. The kind of song you just have to smile at and play at parties to dance to. A great addition to the album. It really reminds me of the restaurant Chiquito’s.
– No Lady
Everything I could say about this song has been said. It’s fantastic, Natalia’s vocals are great and I want to dance to it!
– Trying
The Accordion is used well in this song, I love it. Once again Natalia’s vocals are incredible. This isn’t my favourite song on the album, this is my favourite song full stop. The mix of a catchy beat and melody and subtle vocals really works for me, also then all the instruments play together I just dance. I even danced at my bus stop yesterday. THIS SONG IS AMAZING.
This band is great, I really recommend them. Here are some links to them:
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