Channel 4 Talent Day

I am cheating and writing about this instead of doing a TV review. This is because I have not had a chance to watch much TV this week, and I also wanted to share this experience with you all. It really helped me decided on a new career path and for that I have to thank the event runners for everything. Don’t worry, I will compensate on Sunday

So, on the 19th of September I attended the Channel 4 talent day in Govan, Glasgow and it was one of the best days of my life.

I left the event feeling inspired, tired and creative.

The day started off great, I got there early, signed in and signed up for the workshop I wanted to do and then we went in to the hall for talks from Priscilla Baffour the woman who runs the 4talents days, Then we had a really inspiring talk by the Director of Creative Diversity at channel 4 Stuart Cosgrove.

The best advice given by Priscilla was to “Kick the doors down”. I mean that is the best advice given to me – I spent ages thinking I could never do that but here is a woman who has made it and all she had to do was use her confidence to kick some doors down. She is proof it is possible and I will follow her lead

The Best Advice that was given by Stuart was to follow your passion – if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living you wont be fully invested in it, and have self motivation – if you really want to be in the Industries don’t wait about for fancy equipment or funding just do it. There is nothing stopping you just going out and filming.

After all of that we had a short break then went to our workshops. My workshop was Documentary film making with Rad Miller. We started the workshop off by talking about the different types of documentaries and the different techniques used to make documentaries – We even watched a few examples. After we had a basic understanding of what goes in to making a documentary we got split in to groups to make a three minute documentary in two hours. I was in a group of four with very lovely people and we made a documentary on the decline of the high street in Govan. It was really good fun, we even interviewed two people.

Once we were finished with the workshops we went back to the hall to hear what all of the other workshops had been doing, each workshop had a few people come up and tell us about it. We then got to hear live pitches from the people who attended the pitching workshop and that was good fun, a particular favourite of mine was “Celebrity Trench”.

Priscilla then talked to us more about career opportunities with Channel 4 and I am very excited to go and apply for work experience there.

Before the Q&A we got to see Gemma Kirkwood from Sunny Govan Radio interview the head of entertainment at sky, Philip Edgar Jones. That was a very informative interview where I really got a feel of how difficult it is to get in to the industry if you don’t work!

The Q&A lasted 45 minutes more than it was meant to because we were all just full of questions. My favourite member of the Q&A panel was Sid Smith, the writer so after all of that I waited behind just to get his email to ask him for advice.

It was a fantastic day and I am going to be emailing two people for advice – Rad Miller and Sid Smith.

Heck I even made it in to the video they made about the day

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