May 23, 2014

As a child we tend to dream big. Bigger than we do when we mature in to adulthood. Looking back, however, my aspirations as a child were perfectly achievable well except maybe my dreams of being a pop star.

When I was in Primary school I always said I wanted to be a vet or a teacher, both things that I could have achieved if I had desired to do so, but I always remember the people who said they wanted to be Tom Cruise or one of the Muppets. One of my old friends wanted to be a vampire slayer at one stage after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For me Vet turned to Lawyer in academy/high school, but teacher always stuck with me I just loved the idea of imparting wisdom to young minds. High school is where we are expected to find ourselves and who we want to be, but in my opinion it feels like too young an age to really know what we want out of life, by the time exams came around I was set on being a hollywood actress.
At 15 I had to choose the subjects that could have potentially ruined my future. Luckily for me, I was pretty set on choosing drama as a subject to increase my confidence and that led me to where I am now, but if I had taken Biology like I nearly did I have no idea where I would be now, probably in some tedious college course I hate. The fact is at 15 I still had an unreasonable aspiration of being a hollywood actress, and if I had stuck to that I would be severely depressed by now. Leaving school in 5th year was a great choice for me, I went on to do a course in Television studies still not 100% knowing on where to go next. It is only in these past few months that I have really found my calling.
English wasn’t my favourite subject at school to begin with, but by the end of my last year at school something clicked in me and I caught the writing bug. Ever since then I have been writing short stories, planning novels and even analysing poems for fun! There is just something satisfying for me about reading and writing and if I am being honest it is the only thing I enjoy. Being 18 I have my whole life ahead of me and am so lucky that I have found myself so young, writing is the only thing I want to do most days which is why I started this blog.
The terrifying truth is that the majority of my friends still have no idea what they want from life. A lot of these people are older than me and have found themselves in jobs they hate and are left feeling miserable as a result. Heck I even know people in their 40’s changing their whole career because they feel like they chose their area of expertise too soon and are better at something else. There is very little advice I can give you other than don’t feel like you need to rush a decision about your career, take a year out and get a job in a shop. Discover who you really are, only then will you be ready to jump in to the deep end.
Not only that though, we need to realise that we can achieve our dreams. No matter how wacky or crazy it is the likelihood is that you can do it. I keep a whiteboard on my door and in the top corner I list all of the things I want to do with my life – all my aspirations and it is now my challenge to complete them all.
These are my aspirations:
– Write a Novel and get it published
– Write a Screenplay
– Write a radio play
– Become a voice actor
– Become a Presenter (Radio or TV)
What are some of your aspirations? Please comment below or reach me on Twitter or Facebook

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