Film Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is set in a future where both mutants and humans have been decimated by The Sentinels who are deadly killing machines formed from experimentation on mutants, most importantly using Mystique’s DNA so that The Sentinel can adapt to anything.

During this, presumably, last war on earth Charles and Erik reunite to bring the surviving X-Men together for a last effort to stop The Sentinel, so that is never actually happens. For this to happen Kitty Pryde, Ellen Page, has to send back Wolverine’s consciousness back to the time where it all began, the 70’s to stop Mystique from being captured and experimented on. When in the past Wolverine has to deal with a drunken, powerless Xavier, a grouchy Hank, an unstoppable, determined Mystique and an Imprisoned Magneto. 

By a long shot this is the most ambitious film we have seen in the franchise. It incorporates an adaptation of the future, time travel and the same characters we know and love, in fact even the ones we thought were gone for good. This film showed a clean slate for the X-Men films. We now have no idea what happened after the 70’s, but Jean and Scott are still alive in Xavier’s school where all of our favourite mutants are teaching.

A clean slate definitely came at a good time because the X-Men timeline was starting to show a lot of flaws. Now they can start again and get rid of the small things that enrage the fans. 

The film in a stand alone sense was incredible. If that was the first ever X-Men film I had ever watched, I would have definitely gone back to watch the others. I still prefer First Class and X2, but this film is definitely 3rd in line as my favourite. 

It had everything, Danger, Action, Emotion, Destruction, Powers and most of all Entertainment. Days of Future Past is the best film I have watched this year, and I am definitely going to watch it again. In other words, it is not a “Popcorn Flick” as I often feel Marvel films are. I guess X-Men has the huge advantage of having the movie rights owned by Fox, and believe me they should never give those rights up because right now they are the only Marvel films I actually enjoy.

The Sentinel were an interesting villain, a creature that can’t be defeated and lives to kill mutants. However humans find themselves in the fire line too. The adaptation of the future was a great example of the world I’d like to live in eventually, well if you take away the war! The Wheelchair that glided across the room with no wheels was definitely my favourite addition. 

As always in the X-Men films the acting impressed me, and as always Jennifer Lawrence was great, however the actor who impressed me the most was James Mcavoy showing different sides of our beloved Professor X, we saw him scared, upset, depressed, determined and frustrated. My favourite scene was when young Charles visited the older Charles through Wolverine, I thought it was a very emotional scene in which both Stewart and Mcavoy performed greatly in. Michael Fassbender also really came in to the character of Magneto showing off the evil side of the mutant. It definitely reminds me of Mckellen in the earlier films.

What did I love most about this film? Seeing the whole gang back together, I now can’t wait for the next X-Men film because I can’t wait to see what happens with Jean and Scott who were two of my favourites in the other films.

All in all I adored this film. It is most definitely worth a watch. What did you think?

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