The Apple Store Man

Shortly before mothers day I found myself in the apple store purchasing an iPod Nano for my mum. Being awfully new to the apple store experience I had no idea what to expect.

It took me far too long to even get close to the iPod Nano’s never mind actually calling a staff member over to assist me, I faced many obstacles. There were the “NEDS” hanging out at the front of the store ready to pounce wearing their “cottons”, then lots of worried looking fathers pushing past me to look at iPad’s and iPhones only to decide they were too expensive.

However the biggest obstacle of all was the children around me almost tripping me up just by standing still. There must have been hundreds of them anxiously waiting for their father’s to pick something for mothers day, and I swear to you that I almost tripped over every single one of them.

After finally making it over to the iPod Nano’s I now faced the challenge of figuring out just how to even buy the blooming thing! I must have stood for about twenty minutes just staring at iPod’s before I realised you were supposed to call the staff members over.

Eventually this wonderfully camp ginger man approached me and asked if I needed assistance to which I replied with a hearty “Yes Please.” He spent ages asking me if this was “the right iPod” for me, but he was charming and funny so I didn’t mind the wait.

Deciding that this was indeed the iPod that I wished to buy it was time for the choice of colour. Now I have to give it to the wonderful apple store man, he really knew a lot about colours, however ten minutes just to choose a green iPod was perhaps a bit too long.

The Apple store man took out his scanner to sell me the product, but instead of catching the iPod’s box with it he accidentally scanned me. We were both in hysterics for around 2 minutes before he scanned me again – this time on purpose – vocalising a loud “BEEP” as he did so. Once again we found ourselves laughing very loudly and presumably scaring the children in the shop with the level of noise we were managing to produce.

Once we’d gotten over our fit of giggles the lovely Apple Store man sold me the iPod and bid me farewell with the wonderful words that made my day. “I’ll buy you again soon.” A brilliant end to my journey in the Apple Store. Oh, and my mother loved her present!

Do you have any experiences like this?

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