Questions: Why do you love films?

Growing up my favourite film was Disney’s Peter Pan and the story has stuck with me in to my adulthood. Why? Because I relate to almost all of the characters and I’ve always wanted to fly with out a plane.

After watching the live action version of Peter Pan I was astonished by the process of film making, particularly the pre production stage of it. To take a well known and beloved story and adapt it for the screen is always risky, but I think it really paid off.
The Nightmare before Christmas was another favourite of mine and still it. Once again I relate to the characters, but I also think the look and feel of the film was immensely important to me liking it. Stop Motion is possibly my favourite was of film making and to have stop motion animation on that scale was incredible, especially at the time.
Personally I really connect to a lot of Tim Burton films, he often has an outcast as his main character and since I have always felt like somewhat of an outcast I feel something really special when I watch a Burton film. It’s the sense of not belonging or believing there is something better for you out there that gets me.
My love of films originates from all of the above, particularly with Burton. The main thing that fascinates me about films is the fact that they are literally words on a page brought to life, I read frequently and am always imagining scenes in my head whilst I read them and I think there is just something even more special about seeing words from someone else’s perspective.
Harry Potter is a great example of this, After reading all the books I had such a vision in mind for the films, and every single one was different to my imagination and most of them were contrasting to the last film. I find it interesting that the first film is very much made for children, but as the actors and viewers got older the films got increasingly darker – starting with the third.
One of the main reasons I love films, however, is the was you can show every thing with a simple camera movement. Take Goodfellas as an example. There is a great scene that is done entirely in one shot where the main character is taking his date through the back of a restaurant. The shot shows the busy lifestyle that this man leads just by setting up this one incredible shot.
To conclude I love films because I generally connect to the characters that have been written, It is really interesting to see other people’s perspectives of writing brought to the screen and it interests me how one shot can show so much emotion and context.
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