Fame is the junk food of the celebrity world

The people we idolise most in the world are the celebrities that we watch in TV, Films or even videos from YouTube. They are always photographed in Magazines and Newspapers or on Social Media websites meaning we are plagued with an unreasonable sense of fame every day and end up asking ourselves why we aren’t as popular as them.

As lovely as it may seem, fame is not all that is claims to be. You no longer have any privacy, even going to the local shop for a pint of milk is a public event when you are famous. Every person you are seen with is a possible partner of yours and you can no longer meet people with out them wanting a picture or an autograph.
Fame is like the extra chocolate bar in our cupboards, we often crave it but it isn’t good for us. It lowers our self esteem, makes us feel fat, and generally low. However, for some reason we all still strive to be exactly like the celebrities we see to the point where we can’t help but do silly things to achieve their status.
Look at Big Brother and all the people who come out of that to discover that the fame the craved has become a reality. It’s shows like that where everyone does something stupid and becomes really popular for it. Sex Scandals, drugs taking and drink driving, all things that celebrities do because fame has gotten to their head and messed something up in there.
Unfortunately once you have been in the limelight there is very little you can do to get away from it. If you make one mistake everyone knows about it and despises you, leaving you feeling low and unwanted. It is a brutal mistress who will use you then throw you aside for the next suspect.
Having a celebrity status has become a noble thing, but if you think about it this actually puts a lot of pressure on these people to be the perfect idealistic people we seem to think they are. Truthfully, they are only human. They have the same worries as we do, they make the same mistakes and have the same inevitability: Death.
Personally I do find myself often craving fame, although I know I would hate being in the limelight. The thought of people photographing me going to the shops or at restaurants terrifies me. I really do feel sorry for the people who have to suffer from this.
Something I am very happy to tell you about is a campaign that Kristen Bell has put together to protect the children of celebrities from being photographed until they have the will to say they want it. This is a great cause because it will hopefully stop people taking pictures of unconsenting children for entertainment purposes. You can find out more about it here, but I am very excited about it.
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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