Music Reviews: Ghost of Samantha – Einstein (Single) and Bi-Polar (Single)

Over the past week I have spent my time discovering new music artists and opening my mind to new sounds. This has been so that my music reviews can be more interesting and unique. After discovering The Ghost of Samantha I decided that I just had to share her wonderful music with you.

Normally you will very rarely find me listening to music, but recently I have discovered a new appreciation for the art and am very excited to continue discovering new sounds. The Ghost of Samantha has been a huge part of this.

One of my friends recommended her sound and boy am I glad she did, I have been listening to her music non stop. The two songs that I love the most are bi-polar and Einstein, I feel like bi-polar has the most important message.

It basically explains the disorder in a few words. “I’m always laughing in my sleep, if I’m not crying every week. I’m always up and then I’m down” are the first lyrics. This is something I connect to and that makes the song so special in my heart. Samantha has really said the words that a lot of people are afraid to admit about themselves.

Not mentioning the fact that the song is catchy and Samantha has a really unique sounding voice. If anything I would say that she should be a lot more popular than she is, I can see her having a long career in music – people just need to discover her.

Einstein is another catchy song which is my personal favourite song all together right now. Samantha is basically proclaiming her love for Einstein and his work in a clever and knowledgeable way with this song. It is so clever and I love the beginning where she brings the noise aspect of electricity in to the song.

You can find The Ghost of Samantha at these sites:


Official Website

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This is a message to you Samantha. Keep up the good work! You are truly a unique artist and I can really see you going somewhere. Unique sounds are difficult to come across but boy am I happy I found your music.

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