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Modern Family is a hit comedy in America that I have watched, and loved, from the very beginning. The reason I love the show is because of the witty writing of the characters and the delivery from the actors. By far Modern Family is my second favourite TV Show (after Flight of the Conchords) because it is genuinely clever and makes you think, unlike some of the other ones out there.

The show has just concluded it’s fifth season here in the UK and what a season it has been, there have been twenty four episodes for us to laugh at and I haven’t disliked even one of them. The start of the season sees gay marriage legalised and the end of the series gives us a gay wedding as we finally see the inevitable marriage of Mitch and Cam.

The episode is entitled “The Wedding (Part 2)” which really need no explanation, however I will talk about part 1. In “The Wedding (Part 1)” We witnessed the wedding morning from hell for Mitch and Cam when Cam’s dry cleaner gave him the wrong order so he had no suit, the wedding was moved forward due to a forest fire and just as they are ready to walk down the aisle the whole wedding party gets evacuated for safety. What a nightmare, there is no wedding. On top of that we see that Sal is pregnant and officiating the wedding and Jay and Gloria somehow manage to break Cam’s parents up. A very busy, but funny episode. Then comes Part 2.

Before I say anything else, can we acknowledge how great Lily has turned out? Sassy, impatient and fashion concious, she has quickly turned in to one of the funniest characters from the show.

After four false starts to the wedding, which Lily reminds Pepper of, and a few relocations, Mitch and Cam finally tie the knot at the golf course and it is so beautiful, to be honest I did shed a tear after they took their vows because I was just so happy for them despite them being fictional characters. This episode was great and there was a lot of character development with Andy and Haley, who by the way absolutely belong together, which I really liked because other than Joe those are the two characters who have been somewhat ignored this season compared to the others.

Phil was probably the funniest in this episode as he planned his magic tricks for officiating the wedding after Sal goes in to labour (After four months *wink* *wink*). The scene where him and Claire are in the bathroom had me crying with tears, only Phil could end up pushing his wife in to the bath using party poppers for a magic trick.

To tell the truth, this episode was more about the emotion than the comedy but that worked well because we have learned to love and care for these characters over the 5 seasons. My favourite part of the episode was seeing Jay show his respect and support to Mitchell by moving the wedding party to the Golf course where all of his friends are, this was so touching and really made the episode what it was.

All in all I adored this episode and think it was great way to end the season, it was emotional and funny at the same time and if given a rating I would give the episode a 4.5 out of 5.

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