Music Reviews – Ed Sheeran X (Album)

One of the things I absolutely loved about Ed Sheeran’s first album is how blatantly honest he was with his lyrics and how I could find a way to connect to every single song on the album. With his new album “X” I feel the same.

Most of the songs are exactly what we expect from the British red head however, in my opinion, I think he has adopted a sort of “Justin Timberlake” sound to some of his songs. This is particularly prominent in his song “Sing”. Maybe it is the use of his higher singing voice or the beat he decided to use, but I swear the first time I heard it I turned round to my mum and asked “Is this Justin Timberlake giving up acting?”

This album shows that Sheeran is just as strong as ever and has a lot more to offer us. My favourite song on the album is Afire Love which feels like the most real song on X and it is really moving. After listening to the album all day I still haven’t found a weak link, normally there is one song on an album that let’s the artist down but Ed always manages to remain consistent and talented as an artist. If you have never been a Sheeran fan listen to “I See Fire” which he sang for The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug and you may find yourself a converted fan.

There really isn’t much more I can say about the album other than “Keep up the good work Sheeran”


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