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After watching this film and feeling disappointed with what I saw I made it my mission to try and come up with two words to describe it, the only words that come in to mind are Predictable and Unoriginal.

Yes I said it, unoriginal. Why do I think this? Well it is basically every other love story that is told but with different characters, it just happens to be a man falling in love with an operating system instead – which actually is a joke used often, Raj in The Big Bang Theory fell in love with Siri briefly – however I have to admit from a film makers perspective it was really nicely shot and put together, the design of the future was also well constructed. I love the idea of a world where people can publicly be seen talking to themselves and not be considered crazy.

Although the story is unoriginal it is told in a unique and more artistic manner which is so difficult to do now a days due to every thing having been done before so for that reason I applaud what people did to this film. Also, can we really expect 100% original content after decades of TV and films? Probably not, I’d be incredibly shocked if we did get that at this stage in the game. As far as predictability goes, I knew that Samantha was eventually going to leave Theodore as soon as Amy Adam’s character said that someone was in love with another persons OS.

Her is the story of a man going through a divorce leaving him lonely and emotionally vulnerable who discovers a new products called “OS1” and as time goes on he ends up falling in love with his OS. OS1 is an operating system designed to meet every need in your life. After a while of Samantha (OS1) and Theodore’s (Lonely man) love affair Samantha finds someone else and inevitably leaves him. It is a sort of tragic love story set in the future.

One of my favourite things about Her was the thought that computers literally control our lives, Theodore is basically living his life around what his Operating System is telling him and that is the hard hitting thing about the film, we have siri now, where will we be in ten years time? Will we live in a world where people can be in a relationship with their operating system? Another thing was the video game that Theodore was playing, that was 3D brought to a whole other level, it was literally IN the room with him, forget TV’s we will be able to project TV and Games right in front of us. Sounds amazing.

The performances in this film felt very real. Which is admirable considering at more than one point in the film Joaquin Phoenix is basically making sex noises to an operating system, or “sexykitten” who is actually played by Kristen Wiig. Incredibly impressing and believable delivery from all actors involved, particularly Joaquin as Theodore. Even the voice acting as Samantha from Scarlett Johansson was incredibly delivered, I was shocked at how much I loved this film because normally predictable and unoriginal story lines annoy me, but the truth is with a mix of the performances and the on screen story telling it ended up being a really original idea.

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