The Rudeness of Strangers

Rudeness is a word, right?

Remember this post where I talk about my new found faith in humanity and how kind someone who had never met me was, well this is the opposite. A young woman who helped me lose some of that restored faith in humanity.

Now I dislike haircuts at the best of times, mainly because I never know where to look when they are right there pushing their chest in to your face, but this woman took my hate of getting my hair cut to a whole other level. I am not going to name and shame her or the establishment in which she works because that would be petty and plain bullying, but as far as stories go this experience got me so riled up that I just had to blog about it.

Everything was fine, I sat down got the giant bib put on me and she asked what I wanted. I told her just a trim and she took a comb to my hair. I’ll say it now, my hair is long and thick and when pulled at and played with can get very very tuggy. The first thing this “experienced” hair dresser did to my clearly long, thick hair was exactly that – she played with my hair, tugging it really hard (my mum got this too) and essentially playing with my hair – so when she got to business it was very tuggy to which she then complained by saying “Your hair is so tuggy, you should maintain it better”, so I replied by saying “It doesn’t normally get this tuggy” She then went on to huff and sigh with no further word.

I was fine with that, I understand that tuggy hair can be a bother however I was still slightly confused at the problem. So she successfully trimmed my hair. She looked at me in the mirror for a few seconds and then began to cut my hair further saying “You need it better shaped to your face” to elaborate she started cutting and THEN asked if it was okay, so I couldn’t say no. As much as I agreed with what she said, I wasn’t happy that she just started cutting away hair that I didn’t give her permission to.

Already angry at this woman and thinking she couldn’t anger me further it was time for the fringe cut so I told her where I wanted her to cut to and she disagreed saying it should be longer, which is fair enough. However, when I compromised and made it slightly longer than I wanted it she still had a problem with it, I got it a 1 centimetres above my eye brows because my hair grows fast and I don’t want to look like a highland cow for my cousins wedding, but for some reason this woman only wanted me to cut it to my eyebrows. When I told her I wanted it 1 centimetre above my eye brow and I wasn’t going to budge she then said something she probably should have said.

“OKAY”. It doesn’t seem bad, but you weren’t there. She didn’t JUST say okay, she said okay in the most sarcastic, angry, and horrible manner I could think possible, it was as if she was talking me out of jumping off the top of a van to another a van and she had to surrender. I mean, it is my hair I think I can get it cut the way I want it. Besides, is 1 centimetre off really too much for her to handle?

It’s one thing to have to pay her £25 to get my hair cut, it’s another thing to have to sit through the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Poor show.

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