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Unfortunately I can’t post as much as I would like to on here, the photography section on my other website or even to Youtube due to being short on money a lot of the time. This is something I would like to change.

This is the only reason that I have set up a Patreon account. Normally, I would just leave it and get on with life, but now that college is over I am really beginning to feel a strong sense of fear in the fact that all the things I want to do with my life will be hobbies rather than work.

Don’t get me wrong I love having these hobbies, I just have no time to do them, this is why I am asking you to support me and help me achieve a balance between work and my hobbies (which I one day hope to call my work) by supporting me on Patreon, it doesn’t have to be much, all I ask is for $1 a month so I can get by a little better.

Normally I would never ask for any money or well anything from anyone else, but I would really appreciate your help and support to keep this blog running!


You can support me here:


Author: Jodie Paterson

I’m Jodie Paterson, a 23 year old Edinburgh based blogger who is passionate about blogging, writing, social media and photography. Currently studying Events Management at University, blogging still remains a large hobby of mine.

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