The Importance of Love

Love isn’t something to be taken lightly, you will have my people in your life that you like but don’t LOVE and very few people that will surpass the level of friendship to true love. Unfortunately the word love is thrown around a lot now a days even to people we barely know, the fact is we are getting “like” confused with “love” and there is a huge difference.

Liking someone has lost all meaning in society and it worries me that people are going off to their friends of two weeks claiming that they “love” them. Liking someone is just as special as love and the minute we realise this is the minute the “friendzone” effectively falls out of existence.

Recently I attended my cousins wedding to the love of his life and it managed to get me thinking about love ever since. The most wonderful thing happened to my cousin when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle, he was so overcome with emotion that he cried and could not read out the poem, red red rose, he was intending to recite to his bride. In my opinion this is so much more special than the vows they took, it showed that he loved her so much he was willing to embarrass himself on front of his friends and family for her, essentially she can rest peacefully tonight because he loves her more than anything.

However it also showed the importance of finding that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one person you can be 100% you around, the special person to share your experiences with and the one who helps you face new challenges. The person you aren’t afraid to be embarrassed for. My cousin has really grown as a person since he has been with this woman and it shows that he has found this special someone to be his. We all need to find this person so we can be the best version of ourselves and live with the person fate destined us to be with.

Don’t be afraid to lose the partner you have fallen out of love with because you can’t imagine life with out them, when you do finally get rid of them your new partner will very likely be so much better than them, and make you feel things you haven’t felt in a long time – it also brings you one step closer to finding your “Prince Charming”.

We all dream of meeting our Prince Charming or Cinderella, the perfect person we will fall in love with straight away and believe me they are out there, you just need to go through a few frogs first. If you don’t go through the frogs then you might mess things up with your Prince Charming and have to find another. The cold hard fact of it is if you are meant to be with someone, eventually you will be. When the time is right you will find that person, but until then enjoy your life and stop looking! Generally they waltz in to your life unexpectedly.


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