My Unusual Connection to London

My fear of crowds is a well known fact to the people that know me, I get stressed out just going in to a supermarket because there are always so many people there. London is a busy city particularly certain areas, like Camden, which should have terrified and intimidated me – but it didn’t.

When my best friend and her family said to me “Hey, want to take a holiday to London with us?” I immediately said yes. A holiday with my second family felt ideal no matter where it was, I needed a break and this was the perfect opportunity. However, the thought of busy streets in London did terrify me a little bit. Luckily for me we got a small house in Belsize Park which is one of the quieter area’s on London so that was part of the problem resolved.

Now all I had to worry about was the tube and all the places we visited. Now anyone who uses the tube can tell you it is an incredibly busy place. There are crowds upon crowds of tourists, people going to work and well just PEOPLE. Naturally I should have been totally freaked out by the overwhelming sense of people but to tell you the truth – I loved it. I really felt like I had finally found the place I was SUPPOSED to be in. London – my forever lost home.

Being a country girl I am not used to all the hustle and bustle of city life and somewhat despise the thought of ever living in the world of noise and crowds but London is something else. Aberdeen stresses me out so much that I avoid going there because of the crowds, but I would go back to London in the drop of a hat if given the opportunity. I can’t describe the feeling I got from the huge city but it was good – almost like I was feeding of the energy of the busy place.

Camden was literally one of my favourite parts of the holiday. To my surprise there really wasn’t too many people there and I coped incredibly well with it all. I even found myself in a pub called “The Elephant’s Head” which was the best pub I have entered in a long time. To be honest being in Camden was a pleasant experience for me because it showed me that getting stressed by crowds was a choice for me, not a reality. I didn’t want to be stressed by crowds in London so I wasn’t, but I don’t particularly like Aberdeen so I stress myself out so I can get home sooner.

Living in London would be expensive so unfortunately I don’t think I will ever end up there, but a girl can dream can she not?

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