How "Big Fish" Helps Me Make My Decisions

The Tim Burton film “Big Fish” is one of my absolute favourites as far as films go because it captures the perfect balance between reality and dreams. It shows that if you put your mind to it your dreams are achievable but if you dream too big you can find yourself in a tricky situation – ¬†and getting out of that situation would be the most rewarding part of your life.

So how does this affect my every day decision making? It’s simple really, whenever I have a big decision to make I stop what I am doing and think to myself “What would Ed Bloom do?” Although a lot of his stories were exaggerated the morals and themes were still there for us to enjoy and learn from. Ed Bloom creates a spontaneous personality for his stories which I can relate to because sometimes it is better to make a spontaneous and exciting decision instead of the safe option – you learn more from taking risks.
If I am asked to choose a restaurant, I don’t. I take the risk of finding one on my travels – this way I am not tied down to a time, date and restaurant and can eat when and where I want to. There is no point committing to something when you are waiting for your next adventure to come along. Your adventure may never arise if you live your life to a tight schedule that can never be changed.
Ed Bloom only ever fully committed himself to the things he really and truly believed in like reinventing the wonderful town “Spectre” and his beautiful and loving wife, who he even joined the circus for, and this to me is noble in the sense that he identifies the important things in life and holds them close to his heart whilst letting the unimportant things become a short happy experience for him, he can then successfully move on. Another part of my decision making is “Will it make a good story?” One of my favourite additions to a party is interesting stories about about our past and if I don’t have a story about something then I have nothing to add which makes me seem unsociable – which I am far from.
A recent example of a decision I have had to make is University. I had to stop and ask myself if Ed Bloom would do this course to boost his career – and the answer was yes. The point is everything I enjoy doing involved media. My blog, my podcast, writing, journalism, reviews, photography and making films and the only way to make these enjoyable things a reality career wise is to do a course in Media and learn more about it all. In the long run this will benefit me greatly and it is something I am 100% invested in and will not give up in an instant, it means almost everything to me.
So that is what I base my decision making, what do you do to conclude on a decision?
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