Society is closed off

There is something dreadful that I have noticed recently about society and the way we treat people as a society. This horrible thing is that us as a society are collectively close minded.

Recently I found out that someone very close to me has to hide who they are because if they showed their true selves it wouldn’t be accepted in the society that we live in, even resulting in possible assault and it just isn’t worth it.

If we all opened our mind to things we aren’t used to then the whole world would be a much more peaceful environment. Unfortunately we aren’t going to change any time soon and some people will continue to live in fear of being themselves in public. Arguably, we will always be closed off to certain things or at least a collective group of us.

Racism is something we are slowly tackling but if I give you my honest opinion I don’t think we can ever truly rid the world of racism because as human beings we are fine tuned to show off hate to people for no good reason or get annoyed about things we can’t quite grasp. That’s just who we are and there is no changing that, but there are a lot of people on the other side of things.

People like me who are truly accepting of everything and everyone thrown in my direction. Surprisingly there is actually a fair chunk of the population of earth who are like me in this sense our problem is we have no problem. A lot of Racists let it be known that they have a problem with different races, we just sit and say nothing meaning people forget we exist.

It is a shame that the loudest members of society just happen to be the people who have a problem with everyone who is A Little bit different because it makes certain people feel like the black sheep of our society and that shouldn’t happen to anyone.

What do you guys think?

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Author: Jodie Paterson

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