The Trusting Nature of Strangers

Now if you have been following me for a while you will remember my posts about the kindness of strangers and the rudeness of strangers. I really enjoy writing posts like this and you seem to enjoy reading them, therefore I will be writing a lot more of them. Today I will be talking to you about a couple of people I have met that trusted me their personal life even though they had never met me.

When I was attending college I spent a lot of time waiting for buses or traveling on buses which was often a lonely journey in which I had no companion other than the wonderful books I often brought with me and this lead me to talk to people to gain companions giving me more people to talk to on my travels. Surprised by the response I got from many of the people I spoke to, I kept doing it and gained a fair few friends out of it, however there were some people who perhaps shared too much with me about their personal lives and scared me off.
This one time at (band camp) the bus stop I met a man who seemed really innocent and harmless to begin with telling me the horrors of his past bus journeys and the way people were rude to him, then out of absolutely no where the man come out with something that I really didn’t want to know. “I just got divorced by the way, I don’t get to see my kids anymore and my ex-wife is mentally ill”. In response to this I think I possibly came across as rude with my outburst of “OKAY,” but to be honest what else could I say?! “I am so sorry to hear about all that, but I am no Counselor I am only here to get my bus” – that’s what I wanted to say. The next twenty minutes were absolutely unbearable as he shared his most intimate secrets with me, a teenager he had literally met a few minutes ago.
Another experience like this I have had recently was with a woman, I was actually on the bus this time and smiled at a lady in a friendly manner which gave her the motivation to sit next to me and have a conversation. That was fine, I am always happy to make new friends, but only when they wait a while to tell me all of their secrets. The first two minutes was fine we talked about films and music, but after those two minutes it happened to me again. The lady spoke words that made me feel Incredibly uncomfortable.
“You know, my father left me when I was very young” once again this was fine, but the rest of that conversation – that will not be repeated – was not. Over half an hour of her telling me all about the personal details of her family and relationship problems which was unnecessary, also I was a teenager she has just met! For all she knew I could have turned around and told everyone about her problems, she’s just lucky she confided in me and not the town gossip.
What is it about the human race that is so trusting?
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