Could my generation function with out electronics?

On Friday I attended a party to celebrate my friends 18th birthday and I had a fantastic time. However something I did notice was how much we all relied on our electronic devices, even at parties.

Selfies seem to be ruling our lives to the point that instead of enjoying our time in the moment at parties we have to take selfies with people to prove we were there, creating memories on a screen as I call it. The point is that if we didn’t take selfies we would still have incredible memories that could be shared with your friends – not everyone you have on your Facebook page.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not having a go at anyone, heck I do it myself! The thing I want to know is when did it start? When did we begin to get this insane need to photograph ourselves to create memories on our screen instead of just loving the time you enjoy with your mates in real time. If we turned the clock back around 60 years and told that generation about selfies they would think we were crazy, even a little vain.
One of the most heard lines from the party were “I don’t get signal here.” We live in a world where the most interesting thing happening in our lives lives in our phones. Even when we are with our friends there is something more exciting happening elsewhere that we just absolutely need to hear about straight away.
Back in the good old days we attended parties to have fun and be with people we enjoy spending time with. This part hasn’t changed, the only thing that has changed is our unnatural reliance on our phones, iPods and computers. Why does it bother me? Well I dislike the fact that we are spending every waking moment behind a screen instead of having worthwhile and priceless face to face conversations with people.
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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