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Unique and quaint are the best words to describe this film. It manages to deal with the common issue of failing at writing in a way that feels familiar for all the right reasons – because it is happening to you. It really captures the sense of having to fail a lot before managing so succeed as a writer, also that you need a lot of life experience before you can write anything truly great.

John Cusack has been my favourite actor for a good few years now, he has a brilliant on screen presence which helps him drive movies along – films like 1408 and High Fidelity show this off well n the sense that for a lot of the time it is just him alone in the film, but you still aren’t bored – so when I heard he was going to be in a film with Emma Roberts I knew it was going to be brilliant. The thing I adore about Emma Roberts is that she tends to take roles in smaller more meaningful films that show off that she is a brilliant actress instead of taking high profile roles that might go to her head. Putting these two together was a brilliant idea and I hope it happens again.

Adult World is about Amy, Emma Roberts, a graduate of a poetry course who, naturally, wishes to get her work published and be successful as a writer. Finding that things aren’t going her way she is forced to get a job in a sex shop, whilst on the job hunt she sees that one of her favourite poets Rat Billings, John Cusack, has a book signing in a shop and attends eager to meet the poet. This leads to a strange relationship between the characters because Amy essentially stalks Rat Billings and knocks on his door hoping to be mentored, he agrees eventually but seems reluctant. Amy keeps pressuring Rat to read her poetry and when he eventually does he offers to put one of them in a book he is putting together – it just happens that this is a book of compiled “shit poetry” showing Amy that her work isn’t good yet, but has the potential to be if she lives her life to the fullest.

My favourite thing about this film is the scripting. It has a subtle humour which we all know I absolutely love – the best line being “That’s just plagiarizing suicide” – the words spoken in the films feel really natural and real which is often difficult to achieve with dialogue so I applaud you Andy Cochran for writing something that I both connect to and can laugh at. As I said before this is a somewhat unique film, this is because in the end the main character doesn’t succeed in the way we expect. I love the idea that instead of the washed up poet stealing the young poets work they find it shit instead that is so rare in the world of films where everything has to have that perfect ending and everyone has to get the perfect conclusion.

Like I said before, I absolutely adore Emma Roberts and John Cusack. Once again they did not disappoint. A brilliant performance from both. Going to be honest I haven’t seen much of Evan Peters work, but he was great in X-Men: Days of Future Past and he was also great in Adult world, I think he is going to be huge. All of the acting felt natural and real so this was a real strong point of the film. Along with the cinematography – it was simple yet effective.

Going to be honest in saying that this might be the best film I have watched this month.

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