The Hypocrisy of People

People aggravate me at the best of times, but when they say something hypocritical I find myself getting unnecessarily angry for reasons I can’t even tell you. To tell you the truth, I think it might be because I am sick of people saying one thing and meaning another. Sometimes I just wish people would say things how they are and stick to their beliefs.

Hypocrisy is claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than you actually have. Recently a lot of people I used to be really close to have started to become hypocritical, this bothers me because it hinders the friendship we have and stops us from reconnecting to the special friendship we used to hold close to our hearts. I don’t understand why my friends can’t be 100% honest with me and tell me who they really are instead of hyping themselves up only for me to be disappointed.
A current example of this is one of my female friends who is a couple of years older than me so has left university and has a full time job meaning she is making more money than me. Last year she kicked up a huge fuss that one of our other friends never took in to consideration the fact that we didn’t have as much money them and always expected us to attend expensive events with her, but just yesterday the hypocritical friend got annoyed when I said I couldn’t afford something that they wanted me to do with them. SO after years of complaining that people got annoyed at her because she didn’t have enough money she turns around and does the EXACT same thing to me.
One of my best friends is having similar problems with another hypocritical friend. This situation is a little different, basically there is someone who claims to include everyone in events but attends every party that is set up with out my best friend and doesn’t even attempt to get my best friend invited to the parties. In other words, my best friend is being excluded from parties and some of her supposed friends aren’t doing a thing about it whilst claiming they don’t exclude anyone from the group.
These are minor examples, but they annoy me none the less. If people just said exactly how they felt about other people or things then we wouldn’t have as many issues with hypocrisy. If we were all 100% honest about who we are then I would find it a lot easier to cope with the world around me instead of having to untangle a web of lies and exaggeration to really get to know someone. If we all realised that sometimes we do bad things that we have to admit to then the world would be a better place.
How difficult can admitting you excluded somebody be? Or were an accessory to an exclusion. Hypocrisy is both annoying and unnecessary, so why can’t we stop being hypocritical? Why do we feel the need to big ourselves up to the people who already like us for who we are? Hypocrisy is a way of lying to ourselves so we can justify that what we are doing isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of the time it just comes across as us being pathetic.
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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