Laughter is Important

Humour is one of the main things that two people can connect over – if you can make someone laugh you have a higher chance of friendship or a relationship than if you can only talk about serious things – which is why it is important to make sure that we keep a good sense of humour.

I often find that the people I keep in my life are the one’s who aren’t afraid to be silly just to make me laugh, or laugh at my silliness – this is because my life needs a little joy and laughter to keep me going when the rest of the world feels a little tough for me. Keeping that laughter coming is the main element of friendship that keeps me from leaving a friendship behind.
The best people are the one’s who can take a joke instead of being offended. If somebody gets offended by pretty much every joke on the television I find it more difficult to get along with them because a lot of the time they are the people that only ever talk to me about their troubles and woes which only gets me down. Laughter is actually proven to be good for our health, statistically the happiest people are the ones who laugh a lot.
If you can’t have fun with someone then can you really call them your friend? Surely the whole point of friendship is to get away from all the bad stuff, this is why I keep my true friends close to me and steer clear of stressful and unnecessary friendship drama. If two of my friends have an argument I NEVER take sides because when I do take sides I have been an active participant in putting myself in the middle – which ends up with me being a messenger pigeon. If you can’t laugh things off with your friends it is maybe time to rethink and find new ones that won’t cause you stress and will laugh with you.
Recently I have been clearing my life of the people who stress me out and it surprised me at the little number of true friends I actually have, I have a lot of acquaintances who only cause me stress or anxiety just by not knowing how to take my humour. I admit that I have a very satire sense of humour which isn’t everyone’s taste, but that doesn’t mean that my friends should be getting angry at me for my jokes. Now I am on the search for people who share my sense of humour and can laugh with me instead of feeling insulted by my jokes.
As far as romantic relationships go, if you can’t make your partner laugh then how did you get them to like you? No, seriously – I want to know because the only way I can connect to people on a romantic level is by sharing a certain level of hilarity with them. If they are willing to make a fool of themselves for me then I will be like putty in their hands. Humour is the most important part of relationships for me.
How important is humour to you?
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