Dreaming Impossibly Big

Recently I haven’t been feeling my normal happy, confident and friendly self in fact I have been feeling really low and sad. There I said it, I’ve been feeling sad. This has caused me to post less on my blog and become somewhat of a recluse (with the exception of seeing my best friend and my family). I plan to change this.

From this moment forward I am going to dream bigger – give myself bigger goals to aspire to so I will have more of a reason to get out of bed every morning. I read somewhere that if your dreams or aspirations seem impossible to achieve you just need to try harder – I will live by this from now on – and that if your dreams are too achievable you should make them seem impossible so you get a bigger sense of achievement by finally reaching your goal.
This left me inspired to make myself a new set of huge goals that, at the moment, don’t appear to be possible because then I might feel like getting out of bed and doing something productive instead of having a negative attitude about everything. I need to find my positive streak again and it wont happen if I am unwilling to help it along.
As it stands I am actually really close to finally achieving a goal I have been working on for a long time and that is posting 100 blog posts on my blog. I am now on 90 (I think) and am hoping to make it up to 100 by the end of the week. This is sure to make me feel a lot better about life and give me the courage to start a lot of new goals and finish a lot of goals I am yet to complete.
I have a few new goals in mind that have actually been there for a long time, but I have always brushed them off deeming them “impossible” and never allowing myself to even give them a try. These may seem a little bit out of my depth right now but they are an eventuality, something to begin working towards and maybe in ten years time I can call them a reality.
1. Work on a Stop-Motion animation film
Anyone who knows me also is aware of my love for Stop-Motion animation. I used to aspire to work in the animation department of one before telling myself it would never happen. Now, it is one of the goals I wish to aspire to.
2. Voice a character
Along with working in the animation department I have also always loved practicing different voices I can produce, this has sort of become one of my biggest dreams – to actually voice a character would be such an honour for me because I have spent countless hours just mimicking the voices from animated films, but to have my own would be amazing.
3. Become a Screenwriter
This one was already there, but for some reason my love for writing screenplays has returned and I am more determined than ever to make this dream a reality.
4. Become a Radio Presenter
As said before in goal 2 I love the use of my voice and wish to bring it to new platforms. Being on the radio is something I have wanted for a short time, but it is also something I am determined will happen eventually.
5. Reach 1000 followers on WordPress
This one seems smaller than the others but 1000 is the next step to 100,000 and getting through to that many people would be an absolute dream in my eyes.
What are your goals?
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