Five weird things that have been stolen

We always hear about people stealing sweeties, diamonds or electrical equipment and I was sitting thinking about it last night when it crossed my mind “What ELSE do people steal.” This spurred me on at two in the morning to look up weird things that had been stolen. There are the five best stolen things.

1. Someone’s front garden
Yes, a woman and her children went away for a morning and returned to find that the grass from their front garden had been stolen. I have no idea what spurred that criminal on but they didn’t leave any explanation. Revenge perhaps? Jealousy of the lady’s garden? What do you think
2. Manhole covers
This is actually a common one, apparently they are often sold off for scraps after being stolen. This is a fairly odd thing to steal as it would likely take a few people in on the job due to the weight of the things.
3. Pregnancy Tests
Now I am not just talking your average scared teenager afraid to admit she got pregnant, people actually steal pregnancy tests to sell them at a black market for almost the full retail price.
4. Nutella
This is one of the other common ones. One time in Germany a truck loaded with 11,000 pounds of Nutella had its entire stock stolen. Nutella addicts will apparently stop at nothing.
5. Laundry Detergent
Apparently detergent is now considered valuable enough to be traded for things like drugs and alcohol – and for some reason the brand “Tide” is the most popular among thieves! Gotta smell good when you’re stealing.
Do you know any better weird things that have been stolen?
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