Film reviews: The Art of Getting By

This 2011 Gavin Wiesen film is cute, charming and surprisingly unique. When you first hear the plot you find yourself thinking “Oh it’s just another one of those generic teen love stories” but let me tell you it is so much more than that. It isn’t a love story, it is a film about a boy trying to find┬áhis┬ámark as an artist.

The beginning of the film is fairly contrasting to the end, we see George, Freddie Highmore, failing all of his classes at school, dealing with a horrible step father, feeling alone and just generally miserable. Showing off his rebellious attitude George meets a girl called Sally, Emma Roberts, who he skips class with and falls in love. The rest of the film shows George turning his life around. He ends up completing all of his classes, finding his style as an artist and gets the girl.
When first watching this film it took a while to process everything happening, probably because I was of the age where I was yet to experience the same things they did in a sort of coming of age way. Now that I am older I have a much larger appreciation of what they did with the film. The film is great for Adults and Teens to either reminisce or relate to.
As far as the acting in this film goes it was clear that Highmore and Roberts had a lot of on screen chemistry which really drove the film along. With the film dealing with numerous topics like love, heartache, parental troubles and finding oneself it was important to hire a fantastic lead actor and I think that Freddie Highmore was an absolutely perfect choice, he had not only been acting since he was a child but he would have also faced rejection, heartache and love in his life. I believe he was at the perfect age to take on this role because he was still quite young meaning he could relate to the topics. The exact same thing goes for Emma Roberts.
One of the things I absolutely adored about the film was the focus on the aspect of art rather than the love story which is quite rare in our modern world. It really focused on the fact that George should be thinking about his academic future instead of playing around which is such an important message for teenagers to grasp, particularly when we are leaving school.
Honestly, if you ever get the chance please watch this film. It moved me in ways I can’t even describe and helped me finally find the focus of my studies – media.
What did you think of the film?
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