Questions: How has Facebook changed our university experience?

Facebook has been in our lives since 2004, however it got popular around 2006-2007 and since then it has become one of the largest social networking platforms that we know and love. In a sense it has changed the way we communicate with the people around us – not just our university friends.

I absolutely adore Facebook because it means I can keep in contact with people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise and now that all of my school friends are off to university in different locations from me it will be the main thing keeping me connected to them in the long run.
You always hear stories about school friends reuniting after 40 years and regretting not keeping in contact, but now with social networking platforms it is so much easier to keep in contact over those 40 years. Facebook is brilliant for this and other things – like having group chats about college or university work due or actually finding people doing your course at university before you are even there!
One of the scariest things about going somewhere new is meeting new people. Facebook provides us with the opportunity to talk to the people you will be seeing at Uni and break the ice making for a much less awkward experience when you first meet these people. This is why Facebook is brilliant and somewhat necessary to the modern world we are living in.
If I am going to be honest, Facebook is both positive and negative for the world. Negative in the sense that it encourages us to be more anti-social and positive in the sense that we can keep in contact with people and contact people quickly.
The cold hard truth is that we physically couldn’t cope with out Facebook anymore, we have become so reliant on the world of social media that we would feel powerless with out it. With out Facebook we wouldn’t be able to communicate as easily, keep in contact or break the ice to create friendships. Facebook is both a blessing and a curse.
However, something else that Facebook has given us is a distraction for university work…a new way to procrastinate you could say. This is something that we can control, but probably wont because procrastinating is often the easier option.
It’s not just Facebook that has changed the experience of university, just the internet and web browsers in general have changed everything. Most applications, booklets and communications can be found online through university websites and email addresses. The internet has quickly become the most efficient way to get information (if we steer clear from wikipedia). No longer do we have to read lots of pages – now we just read the same information from a screen.
How do you think Facebook has changed our university experience?
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