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Warning: I may anger A LOT of hardcore Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi fans. You have been warned. Still here? Cool. Well I was majorly disappointed in this episode. In fact I really didn’t like it…there were about two things that I liked about it and they were Clara Oswald and the Twelfth Doctor – Matt Smith.

Doctor Who used to my favourite TV show, but that changed about half way through Matt Smith’s incarnation of the beloved character because of Moffat’s storylines. It got to the stage where everything just became..well too complicated. If I remember correctly Doctor Who is supposed to be a CHILDRENS show not a show where is you miss one episode – you are lost (not unlike the show Lost strangely enough).
I am not going to say much about the plot here because some people haven’t watched it yet and I want to be fair. The problem with this episode, and recent Matt Smith episodes, is that Moffat’s plots are becoming too predictable – THE DOCTOR is becoming too predictable. The brilliant thing about The Doctor is that he is surprising and unpredictable – in fact the most unpredictable person in this particular episode was Clara.
Clara is a great character because The Doctor both fears and loves her on account of never knowing what she will do next. She was easily the best thing about this episode.Capaldi as The Doctor was…okay…I think he might still need a chance to bring more to the character than a Scottish accent. I understand that he was disorientated for most of the episode, but by the end it just felt a little bit…awkward.
I really like the new opening sequence but it could never hold a candle to the original one. The new music for the opening sequence is a tad creepy but it might suit Capaldi’s Doctor.
One of the things I am worried about for this series is that Moffat will continue to think up complicated plots that confuse us all. He has actually ruined Doctor Who for me recently. I was hoping that with a new Doctor would come better writing, but this episode has given me really low expectations for the continuation of the show.
I did really like the “villain” in this episode and found them to be really interesting but would have liked to have heard more from The Doctor about them…in his kind of “I need to inform my companion” way rather than his subtlety. I kind of feel like Moffat is a brilliant writer…but not so good a show runner.
What did you think of the episode?
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