Feeling Worthless

Do you ever wake up feeling worthless? Almost like your life doesn’t matter and you don’t deserve the things you have? Surely we all feel it from time to time and begin to feel sorry for ourselves because we feel miserable. The truth is this is an unknowingly selfish thing to feel.

Selfish isn’t a word I like using, but I have been thinking about it a lot recently because I have been feeling worthless and moping around for about a week because I felt miserable. The whole time spent thinking about what I want from life and how I am not achieving it. The whole time thinking about ME. Disregarding the things I can do to make other people happy.

I wrote a post about how karma had been good to me and rewarded me for my kindness a while back. Now I only expect bad karma for not thinking about others in my plight to make myself feel better. What goes around comes around and if we continue to only think about ourselves…well unfortunately bad things will continue to happen to us.

This sudden realisation came last night when I saw that someone on twitter was upset and tweeted them some encouraging words- I suddenly realised how selfish and unloving I was being. Starting now I am completely turning it all around and will be helping my mum out a lot more around the house, being nicer to people and making sure everyone is alright.

To be truly selfless you must always put others before yourself unless you are in a compromising situation. If you are in a horrible relationship and feel sad it is not selfish to leave, but if you are being horrible to your partner then you are being selfish by not considering their feelings and karma will bite you in the bum.

Just a few thoughts I’ve been having. What do you guys think?

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