Starting University

In just over a month I will be starting university – something I always thought I was too ‘dumb’ for, but I made it and will be attending Robert Gordon University to study media. I honestly couldn’t be more excited to begin this journey because it sounds like an amazing course and I will then have a degree to do what I truly want.

I am most excited for the experience of attending university because I love learning and meeting new people, I love the fact that we are still learning up until the day we die and university is my way of broadening my mind to the world of media and learn as much as I can about media before I can experience it by myself with no help or aid from education.
Having so many hopes and dreams this is just step number one before the rest of my life kicks in and after university I hope to jump start my life with brand new experiences and learn even more from it. I want to travel, I want to meet amazing people, I want to find new loves, I want to truly LIVE. UP until now my life has been predictable and dull because I was too scared and nervous to actually go out and do anything. Now I am nearly 19 everything has to change. I have to live. I don’t want to look back and feel regret for the things I never did or experienced.
What is a good life with out a bit of adventure? Doing it young is the best time to start because then you can live the rest of your life actually living and forget why you used to slouch around and procrastinate. I urge you all to think of six impossible things before breakfast and eventually prove then to be possible. I did it with university, and I can do it with anything.
Six impossible things for today:
I become a voice actor
i meet Tim Burton
My blog gets a lot of new followers
I get a new laptop
my Prince Charming presents himself
I get noticed for my writing
What are your six impossible things?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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