The fright of my life

This morning I woke up to hear really unusual noises just outside my bedroom window – well it was the unusual noises that woke me up actually. They actually scared me so much that I stayed in my bedroom for five minutes before braving the living room.

What were the noises? Well to me it sounded like a chainsaw and I honestly thought that someone was just standing outside my house with a chainsaw waiting for life before making their entrance before using the chainsaw on me and my dog. Of course this wasn’t the case but as I had just woken up the fear of someone cutting me up with a chainsaw seemed very plausible.
After eventually getting up I went to the living room to see a man right up at the window smiling, which if course freaked me out a lot more until I realised he was cutting my hedge. The chainsaw was a hedge trimmer and my fear suddenly seemed ridiculous. The unusual thing, though, is that we didn’t even ask him to cut our hedge…he just kind of turned up and did it. Not that we’re complaining or anything.
Have you ever woken up to anything like this?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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