My interview with Kaffe Fassett

Yesterday was an amazing day for me, not only did I get to test out my journalistic skills but I also got to meet and talk to Kaffe Fassett with an amazing group of people. If you don’t know who Kaffe Fassett is then you should look him up right now! however if you can’t be bothered googling, here is a link so you can learn about him!

This man is amazing! He leads such an upbeat, interesting and busy life literally spending the majority of his time travelling around the world. He is leading my, theoretical, dream life in the sense that he gets up in the morning, gets to do what he loves with people he loves and also gets to travel around the world to do it! If I could do this with writing, photography, film making or voice acting I would be the happiest girl alive.
One of the most interesting things Kaffe said was that he once wanted to be a film maker. This was interesting because the two (film making and art) seem to be linked in a way that can only be explained through those mediums. You can turn art in to film and also film in to art. He takes all the love and energy he had for that and puts it in to his everyday work.
Another thing he said, that actually inspired me, was that “we should do what ever turns us on.” If we can’t get enough of doing something then why should we stop? Turn it in to a full time career or hobby, wake up every morning happy knowing you can go do that thing your soul wants you to do. Achieve greatness by unlocking your soul and pouring everything you have in to your life and work. The brilliance of being creative is that we can just do something and not have to think about it, it comes naturally to us – it comes from somewhere inside and is just etching to get out.
This is possibly the best advice I have ever gotten because it won’t leave my mind. “Do whatever turns you on”. Maybe it’s the unusual choice of words that makes it stick, or maybe I just needed to hear some one say it. So done saying to me “do what YOU want. If you don’t enjoy it you’ll end up unhappy”. Someone reminding me that I can be passionate and out everything I have in to achieving my dreams. I left that room inspired and instantly started thinking up a plan to achieve my dreams. Kaffe will never know how much of an impact that meeting had on me and my life, but I owe him a lot. Well you could say I owe him my future career. What a brilliant man. They say you should never meet your heroes because you’ll only be disappointed. I met Kaffe and then He became my hero.
Have you ever met anyone who made this much of a difference in your life?
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Author: Jodie Paterson

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  • Great article, Jodie. Yes, go on to write your own great story. I was inspired to make a quilt after seeing him on the TV and bought 2 of his early books took me 10 years to make a log cabin double quilt in Laura Ashley fabrics by hand . His use of texture, colour and design is just wonderful . It was great to read what he had to say personally to you. I have met Scottish film maker Timothy Neat-inspiring man ..he worked with John Berger and Tilda Swinton on a great film ..saw it at the Belmont with him .

    • Thank you! I plan to make my story a great and interesting one :). It’s interesting you mention his use of colour – he told us that if he had to choose one colour to work with for the rest of his life he would pick grey! Timothy Neat directed “play me something” and I correct?