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I am a sucker for horror films, but The Quiet Ones just didn’t quite do it for me – it was an entertaining film, but I really didn’t take anything from it. The best horror films are the ones that have me looking out my window every five minutes for the monsters or psychopaths. The Quiet Ones didn’t even have any jump scared it was just…well it was lacking something.

The film is loosely based on a true life experience that I will discuss soon, bear with me. The Quiet Ones is about a small group of Oxford students and their professor trying to disprove the existence of ghosts by monitoring a “psychotic” woman who claims to see someone called Evie. The professor convinces the woman that she made Evie up, but Evie ends up being the ghost of a satanist possessing the woman and, well everyone dies. That’s the storyline in a nutshell now to the real story.

In the 70’s a group of seven scientists decided to create a ghost in order to prove that ghosts are just a figment of human imagination. They created a whole back story for this ghost and held recorded seances to see if this ghost would appear. They had no luck for a number of months until eventually they heard from their made up ghost who eventually began telling them stories of people that lived in his time. In the end it was proved to be a complete hoax meaning that they failed.

If I am honest I think the real story is a little bit more interesting than the one written for the film. If they had stuck to the original story I think the characters would have been more intriguing. The main problem with the film is that it is too unbelievable, there is no way it happened making it less scary to the viewers. The studio would have been better off making a drama using the original story.

The two good parts of this film were the acting and the filming techniques. I love the idea of having a lot of the film from the film making students camera – it makes the whole recording of the film seem more realistic and plausible (you know…apart from the whole unrealistic storyline). The acting was really good, particularly Olivia Cooke who played the Psychotic Woman. She actually had me believing in the story for half a minute because she sold the character so well.

To conclude, we have another popcorn flick on our hands but it is worth a watch if you like good acting and interesting film making.

What did you think of he film?

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